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Kickstarter Shoutout: Word Domination

My wife and I love to play board games, but we tend to have different taste in what makes a game good.  I enjoy tactical experiences, placing pieces strategically for optimum effect.  She likes games that rely on creativity and narrative, where the most important thing is to have a fun time playing.  We’ve found a lot of titles where can overlap on this, and one that will hopefully be joining that collection soon is Word Domination.

Created by Jeff Beck of Uproarious Games, Word Domination is a tactical word game, where players take the roles of campy super villains stealing famous landmarks and artifacts.  Each potential prize is represented by a letter, and to steal them you spell out words from the available letters.  The strategy comes in as you block your opponent and earn extra points with adjacency bonuses, and at the end of fives rounds the villain with the most points wins.  There’s some other elements that add complication and nuance to the setup, but overall it sounds like a fun time.

Check out the Kickstarter before it ends on Sept 21; they explain it way better than I do.  They’re already way past their funding goal, so now the campaign is on the the stretch goals.  I’ll publish a review when I get the chance to sit down and play Word Domination.